About us

Who are Sweet & Salty?

This name came from both our addiction to sweet and salty popcorn, even if we dropped this bad sugar rush habit and replaced it both with a healthy diet. Initially, we met in Leeds and we’re now based in London.

Sweet, Audrey, 29, besides working in the digital world is a cartoonist.

Her websites and IG channels:

Audrey Langevin | @audreyartnlife

Les Dédexpressions | @dedexpressions

Salty, Michał, 38, works in retail and is passionate in van life, woodworking, and photography.

His website and social channels:

Papatimber | @papatimber | @patorasan

We think life is passing by and if you don’t create opportunities to find meaning in your life, then nothing really exciting will happen on its own. So it’s time to take time to find yourself. It’s time to explore.