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2 weeks in the City of Angels, a year later

How come is this article coming to you just now? Well, I couldn’t just flash out a blurb relating our experience over there, I needed to think it through and enough time to write it down. Although I did take some notes while we were road tripping through California, last year, it won’t be enough […]

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Indian Summer in Provence

After nine months and more stuck at home in the weirdest global sanitary crisis ever, we decided to plan (and stick to our plans) holidays in the South of France. In Provence, where my family is. Although Summer in London was nice this year, we desperately needed a break, especially from the screen. We were […]

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A sunny St Patrick’s weekend in Dublin

To celebrate our friend’s birthday, we planned a trip for the four of us to Dublin. How exciting! For a cultural immersion no country’s better than Ireland to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. To give you a tip though: it’s the busiest time of the year in Dublin, and we booked our trip in November to […]

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36 hours in lovely Chester and countryside

Good news is you never need to go too far to find the perfect getaway. For Chester, we’ve made a quick search: best cities to visit in UK, and pretty Chester showed up. Then we thought ‘Why not?’, plus it’s not too far from Leeds, 1 hour and 30 minutes by car. Let’s go! On […]

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Welcome to our blog!

We’re Audrey and Michal, a French-Polish combo based in London, and we’d love it if you followed our funky adventures through cities and nature! Next stop: York, June 8-9.